Fast Love

I should probably put the pen down,
because I might make a mess,
but there’s a few things here,
I want to confess.

I just dyed my hair,
because I thought I saw a random grey,
I bought new jeans with holes in them,
because I thought they’d make me feel okay.

I’ve been playing the piano,
in a semi-full on rage,
and I unfriended someone on Facebook,
simply because she just got engaged.

I’m eating oatmeal for dinner,
because I’m too lazy to cook,
I’m writing this poem in my underwear,
and no,
you can’t take a look.

I know it’s not much,
the degree to what I’ve confessed,
but stay tuned,
and I promise,
to let you know the rest.

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Eye Scream

I tried to make the piano scream last night.
I struck the keys so hard,
that I could feel my fingers bruising more and more,
with each passing measure.
In that moment,
I don’t think I cared if they broke,
I needed my song to be heard.

Ironic thing was,
it wasn’t even “my song”.
It was a cover of  “Lovesong” by The Cure.
on this particular night,
I decided,
last minute,
on purpose,
to close my set with it.

there I am,
pounding on the keys,
stirring up a symphony of sound,
when I realized,
the piano didn’t need to scream,
I did.

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Enjoy the Silence

It’s Sunday night,
and I only write poems on Fridays.
This is a problem,
there is a poem stuck inside,
and though it’s near the surface,
the next five days,
are going to feel,
like an eternity in hell,
It’s Sunday night,
and I only write poems on Fridays.

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Fly Me to the Moon

Gray colored hair,
a striped pocket shirt,
Gap jeans with white Rockports,
and yellow pound cake for dessert.

It’s been 8 years since you passed,
forever an unfathomable loss,
your heart had failed,
and silenced your voice.

You’re going to miss everything,
I’m not even sure what that is,
but you’re missing this part,
the part I thought,
would never again exist.

It sucks that I can’t show you,
my ID badge,
or the PowerPoint presentation,
I gave to that class.

Or tell you I’m now the project manager,
“Special Projects” to be exact,
and that totally unrelated,
I have a blog,
where I kinda talk smack.

I don’t know if you can read this,
from up above,
but I miss you dad,
from your daughter,
with love.

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Pictures of You

And it’s Friday night,
And i’m driving around,
And “that song” came on,
And suddenly it’s 2004 again,
And he was going to be a rock star,
And he played bass until his fingers bled,
And his band became family,
And we stayed out all night,
And this went on for years,
And we knew it couldn’t last,
And it didn’t.

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Basic Instinct

He keeps me on the verge of a poem,
he also keeps me on the verge of another thing,
but I rated this blog “PG”,
and the other thing is definitely not “PG”,
though now I kinda want to write about the other thing,
which was not my initial intention,
but to be fair,
I got stuck after the first two lines,
so now this poem might have to be
about the other thing,
which is definitely VERY poetic,
but you don’t want to read about that,
Or do you?

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More Than Words

You fell asleep,
and I could feel the poem forming in my brain,
the words trying to find their place,
but I didn’t grab my notebook,
I didn’t want to wake you,
so I tried to stay awake,
because I was afraid I would forget the words,
but around 3am,
I fell asleep,
and in the morning,
when we woke,
the words were gone,
until you kissed me,
and said “I love you”,
then the words came back,
all of them,
“I love you too”.

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